Prophet Ayub (AS) – Being patient even with the most difficult life challenge

Life is full of challenges and nobody is free from hardship. Even the prophets and messengers were tested with trials and tribulations such as loss of wealth, health and loved ones.  The story of Prophet Ayub’s resilience, perseverance and patience in dealing with Allah’s tribulations is one of the many stories recorded in the Quran. He was a righteous servant […]

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Intellectual humility

We are taught to always seek and increase our knowledge, but we must always remember to be humble, and realise there is so much out there that we do not know about. Our beloved Prophet had demonstrated that while receiving guidance and revelation, yet he still maintained his humility. And this can be witnessed in some of his iconic life […]

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Seeking Knowledge

When Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) received his first revelation in Hira’ Cave through angel Jibril, he was asked to “iqra”, which means read. Astounded, he replied “I am not literate.” He was asked two more times to read, but he answered again, that he could not read. After that, angel Jibril conveyed the revelation: “Read in the name of your Lord […]