Prophet Yusuf (AS) – Remaining patient and faithful even when facing trials after trials

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When Prophet Yusuf was a child, he had brothers who were so jealous of him that they came up with a plan to get rid of him. He was then thrown inside a well and left there. This led him to be separated from his beloved father for many years, then becoming a slave and being thrown in prison for a wrongdoing that he did not commit. Through constant patience and remembrance of Allah, the prophet was successful in all of life’s tests following that episode, and was rewarded for his patience.

After so much hardship, he still rose up, with his patience, bravery and reliance on Allah. Only those who are truly patient and reliant only to Him will be able to understand that whatever happens to a person has been predestined by God. With every adversity, we should try to continuously pick ourselves up, and continue along the straight path with sabr.

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