Prophet Yunus (AS) – Being steadfast when facing hardships

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Have you ever felt that you are faced with a situation that you see no way of getting out of? Do you look at the issues that the world is facing today, and wonder how they can ever be solved? The timeless story of Prophet Yunus teaches us that there is always a way out if only we have faith.

Prophet Yunus was sent to preach to the people of Nineveh, a great city but had become a wicked place filled with idol worshipping and sin. But the people of his city rejected him, just as many nations rejected the messengers before him. When he realised he did not manage to achieve what he had hoped for and failed this mission, he left disheartened. Having left the city without the permission of Allah, he boards a ship to set sail far away from the city. Once at sea, a massive storm grew stronger and stronger and started to sink. After drawing lots three times, Yunus was the one to leave the ship.

In the water, something extraordinary happens. As Allah commanded, a whale was sent to swallow Yunus whole, and then descended to the bottom of the sea. Faced with total despair, engulfed by darkness and to the deep sea, it was in the depths of despair that things changed for him. Even though he was a religious man and called upon to be a prophet, he sought help from Allah, as it is only Allah and not him, who was in control of all things.

The whale swam to the surface and ejected Yunus onto the shore. Then with the help of Allah, a plant grew over him to cover the prophet with its shade. And after his recovery from the ordeal, he sets to return to Nineveh to discover then that the city and its people have not been destroyed by the terrible storm, as they have all turned to Allah.

If you ever felt like you are in the belly of a whale surrounded by darkness and seemingly no way out, do what the Prophet did. Never give up, and trust in Almighty Allah. This is especially vital now as we are faced with one of the biggest trials of humankind with COVID-19. These current times may be tough, strange and certainly scary to many people but one thing’s for sure – as Muslims, turning to our faith during this period is the first step to navigating the new realities of life. For the hardships are those blessed opportunities for us to raise our faith towards Almighty Allah.

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