Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Intellectual humility

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We are taught to always seek and increase our knowledge, but we must always remember to be humble, and realise there is so much out there that we do not know about. Our beloved Prophet had demonstrated that while receiving guidance and revelation, yet he still maintained his humility. And this can be witnessed in some of his iconic life stories.

Before the military mission to protect the city of Medina from attack, the Prophet (pbuh) had gathered some views of his companions when deciding the best military strategy. Initially, he proposed to stay in the city and attack the enemies when they arrived in Medina. Nevertheless, the majority of the companions suggested a different strategy by going to the border instead. The Prophet decided to agree with the views of his companions, instead of his inclination. In another battle of Khandaq, the Prophet himself also had sought the suggestion of a war strategy adopted by Persians, from a Persian man who was formerly a slave. 

The two of the many episodes show how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) maintained his intellectual humility, and still listened to others to share their knowledge. The life stories of the prophets teach us that we should aspire to model an ummah that exhibit humility in all aspects of our lives, as can be seen in his mannerisms, and treatment towards other people. 

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