Prophet Ayub (AS) – Being patient even with the most difficult life challenge

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Life is full of challenges and nobody is free from hardship. Even the prophets and messengers were tested with trials and tribulations such as loss of wealth, health and loved ones. 

The story of Prophet Ayub’s resilience, perseverance and patience in dealing with Allah’s tribulations is one of the many stories recorded in the Quran. He was a righteous servant and respected man, who had been blessed with countless bounties and wealth, but then was afflicted by great suffering and illness for a long period of time and lost his family except for his wife. His illness was so severe that not a single limb was free from the disease, except for his tongue and heart, which he used to constantly remember Allah. Not only did he not complain or reject his fate, Prophet Ayub would praise and glorify his Lord, supplicating and making dua constantly, with whatever was left of his strength.

One day, his wife asked why he didn’t supplicate to relieve his illness. The reply of the prophet was, “ I lived seventy years in prosperity and health, why shouldn’t I be patient for the sake of Allah for seventy years.”

After turning to Allah and calling fervently upon Him, his call was answered. As a result of all his perseverance and resilience, the prophet was once again blessed with sustenance from Allah. Together with his health, his wealth and children were restored, and he was granted even more. 

When we are preoccupied with worldly life and surrounded by good things, we are likely to give less time and attention to our spiritual life. In the face of trials and tribulations, we should try our utmost to endure and persevere. These two are great habits which we can try to inculcate every day. There’s nothing that patience falls upon, except that it’s beautiful, so trust in Allah that he has the best plans for you.

The collective Muslim community is being tested especially in these times, may He always grant us patience and sabr.

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