Prophet Adam (AS) – Always be grateful and thankful to Allah

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The very narrations of the creation of Adam (AS) contain within them important takeaways for us to ponder upon. We all know the story to Adam and Eve being sent down to Earth for eating the forbidden fruit because of the whispers of the devil. This short story, however, is a different one yet holds an important lesson for us to remember. Amongst them is the virtue of being grateful to our Lord, which is crucial in our life.

When Allah s.w.t. created Adam, and sent into him soul and life, he sneezed and said “Alhamdulillah” which means all praise belongs to Allah. Allah answered with “Yarhamuk-Allah” which holds the meaning Allah bestows His mercy upon you (Sahih of Ibn Hibbaan 6165). As Muslims, we are all well aware of these words, and we try to practise praising God after we sneeze. And to reflect on this episode, these are actually the first words of the first man created – which is to thank Almighty Allah! And the first thing that happened to him was Allah’s mercy on him. 

In this life, we inevitably go through hardship and trials. That’s the exact time we need to seek help from Allah with patience, and we must not forget all our blessings and the bounties that we should be thankful for. The favours of our Lord are the only things that we need to overcome challenges in our daily lives and remember that we have been blessed with so much more at the same time. So, always trust in Allah’s plans and never forget to express your gratitude to Him. Alhamdulillah.

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