Islamic miracle 5 : Evolution In The Quran

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While most people today believe that evolution was first described by Darwin, nothing could be further from the truth.

The first descriptions of biological evolution are found in the writings of Muslim scholars, over a millennium ago. John William Draper, author of The History of the Conflict Between Science and Religion (1874) wrote that:

“Theological authorities were therefore constrained to look with disfavor… on the Mohammedan theory of the evolution of man from lower forms, or his gradual development to his present condition in the long lapse of time.”

Draper was right. Scholars such as the Brethren of Purity, Al-Jāḥiẓ, Ibn Khaldūn, and Rumirh freely discussed evolution. They found the idea described in the Holy Quran:

“What is the matter with you that you do not ascribe dignity to Allah? And certainly he has created you in stages… And Allah has raised you from the Earth like the raising of vegetation.” Holy Quran 71; 15-16, 18

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