Islam- The Religion of Love

Have you ever pondered deeply upon the 5 fundamental pillars of Islam and asked yourself what do they really mean? These 5 pillars, which make up the whole of Islam, actually speak quite a different story than what we have to come understand today. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. Talha Khan is an academic director, instructor, permaculture researcher, and a web developer. He has the experience to explore the secrets of life from different angles and perspectives. As a teacher, he immersed his daily life in the world of physics, logic, nature, philosophy, and concepts that are often scrutinized in the academic books neglectfully. In order to better understand the fabric of the human mind and its needs, teaching also helped him ponder upon the secrets of cognitive and social psychology. As a permaculture researcher, he unearthed solutions to the problems of food & happiness scarcity in the modern society. In his university life, he wrote research papers on aquaponics. Khan’s background in web development and software engineering has helped him explore the fabric of divine reality more thoroughly and systematically with access to global thoughts and an ocean of research and information.

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